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Experience the Flavors and History of Downtown Lake Geneva with Our Family Fun Food Tour

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - 5/19/2023

Lake Geneva Tours, a leading tourism business in the heart of Lake Geneva, is thrilled to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Family Fun Food Tour in Downtown Lake Geneva. Our opening date is June 17 at 1015am, and will continue through summer. This unique culinary adventure promises to take participants on a delectable journey through the flavors of our community while exploring the rich history and breathtaking sights of our charming town.

The Food Tour, taking place every Saturday throughout the summer, offers an intimate and immersive experience for up to 16 attendees per tour. With a focus on locally-sourced cuisine, participants will have the opportunity to sample and savor the finest dishes from a handpicked selection of esteemed local businesses.

Throughout the tour, guests will indulge in mouthwatering delights from a variety of culinary destinations, including the renowned Hill Valley Cheese Shop, the cozy Inspired Coffee, the vibrant Lake City Social, the popular Geneva TapHouse, the trendy Avant Cycle Cafe, and even the world-famous Starbucks. Each stop on the tour showcases the unique flavors and stories that define Lake Geneva's thriving food scene.

But the Food Tour is not just about the culinary delights; it offers a comprehensive exploration of downtown Lake Geneva's highlights. Knowledgeable guides will share captivating stories about the history of our town, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a beloved destination. Participants will discover the beauty of Lake Geneva's Walking Path, where they can enjoy stunning lake views and immerse themselves in the surrounding natural splendor.

The tour also takes guests on an exciting journey through the world of local shopping, offering the opportunity to support talented artisans and businesses while finding unique treasures to take home. Additionally, participants will delve into the intriguing history of gangs and gangsters from a century ago, exploring the sites where their tales unfolded and gaining insight into Lake Geneva's fascinating past.

No tour of Lake Geneva would be complete without a glimpse into the iconic mansions that grace our shores. The Family Fun Food Tour provides a chance to marvel at the grandeur and architectural wonders that have made Lake Geneva synonymous with luxury and elegance.

"We are delighted to introduce our Food Tour in Downtown Lake Geneva," said Joe Wisnowski, the owner and guide for Lake Geneva Tours. "This immersive experience combines the best of our local cuisine, the rich history of our town, and the beauty of our surroundings. We invite locals and visitors alike to join us on this unforgettable culinary adventure."

Spaces for each Food Tour are limited to 16 guests. This is to ensure an intimate and personalized experience. Our opening date is June 17th, 2023. Tickets can be booked in advance through our website ( – NOTE: still under construction) or by contacting our reservations team ( or by phone at (262)249-6722).

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Lake Geneva Tours is a premier tourism business dedicated to providing exceptional experiences that showcase the best of Lake Geneva. With a range of immersive tours and knowledgeable guides, we strive to create unforgettable memories for our guests.

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